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About Us

We protect great brands, so you can focus on growing your business


What is OWN-R?

Idea was founded in Newcastle in June 2012 out of the urge to revolutionize the way of trademark registration process to help entrepreneurs to protect their valuable brands. We’re taking control over the whole process, from analyzing nice classes through talking to patent office or answering for queries to trademark registration certificate. We enabled millions of business owners, project managers and marketing directors to comfortably register their brand with our help in 36 world Patent Offices.

Why we exist?

We believe ordering legal service should be fun. We believe it can be simple and pleasant. Our goal is to become a world trademark registration leader. Just to give you great service, at an affordable price. You can order, sit and watch how you trademark is being registered. Remotely, securely and online.

3 core values we stick to

These 3 things are the OWN-R spine

About us - OWN-R


We provide an outstanding service, as we value your time, and your business.

About us - OWN-R


Trademark registration is often an opaque process. Our platform gives you real time insight into the whole registration process, no matter where you are.

About us - OWN-R


Business is all about people. We do care about our customer needs. Need some extra help or advice along the way? We are here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out, anytime.

Numbers that speak for themselves

Own-r is the legal team of experienced specialists in trademark registration area.

1000 +

Successfully registered trademarks

50 %

registration success rates

Start with a free trademark search

End-to-end brand protection. Register your trademark and focus on the things that matter. Your business.


Frequently asked questions

A trademark is a symbol, phrase, sign design, or word that identifies products or services. A trademark is also an intellectual property that helps you distinguish your business from the competitors. By registering your trademark, you are authorized to use the powerful ® symbol alongside the name of your brand.

Registering a trademark gives you the exclusive and legal rights to use the mark to represent your brand. It also ensures that there won’t be any other company using your brand name, giving you full control over your business and its future.

A trademark’s class is the classification of the service your brand or business provides. Registering different classes for your mark prevents someone from stealing your identity.

The registration of your trademark is valid for 10 years. Starting from the date of official acceptance and registration. After that time, you can easily renew it at Own-r or directly in the Intellectual Property Office.

Our experienced legal team at Own-r takes care of the entire trademark registration process. If your trademark gets rejected, we will provide you with a full refund.

We guarantee that your trademark will be published. In case of rejection or a similar registered trademark in your niche, we give you the money back.

Trademark protection and its registration cost £340 for the first class. If you decide to register for additional classes, great! Pay only £50 for each additional class. The fees cover the costs of the 10-year protection period.

The official fees are due at the start of the registration process.

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